Import GA4 events with custom dimensions as event category, action and name


I want to import GA4 data from Google Analytics which basically works fine, except the events.

In this GA4 property I have set up event tracking for file downloads which rebuilds the structure of event categories, actions and names. I’m sending file_download events from GTM with parameters for the download category and file name that show up as custom dimensions in GA4.

If I run the importer in Matomo, in Events I can see the event names only, file_download in this case.
And I get the extra menus inside behaviour for my download_file_type and download_file_name.

There I can see the tables with lists of the parameters. But I can’t combine these values in a table with several columns, to see them together.

First question:
Is there a way to show all the data as columns in one report, e.g. in events?

Second question:
The best solution would be to import everything correctly into event categories, actions and names like the Matomo data structure. Or run a script after the import that manipulates the imported data and adds this information to Matomo events.
Is there any way to do this?