Import from logs containing reverse-proxy address

The logs I am trying to import have the proxy address and not the real IP address. If I want to count the number of accesses to a page/item, is it safe to enable tracker_always_new_visitor = 1 for the log import?

Going forward, piwik has been setup to read the XFF and my WFEs configured to store the XFF header in the log file.

Need a bit more info,

What is out the front of the reverse proxy ? LTM’s ? has SNAT been set ?
XFF can be a pain to get working, what type of proxy are you running

I have XFF working just fine.

The logs I am trying to import have the proxy address listed for the target website being accessed. I need to report on page/item access and need to confirm if tracker_always_new_visitor = 1 for the log import is safe to use for a one-time import.

maybe this helps Installation - Analytics Platform - Matomo

if FAQ can be improved let me know

The FAQ is clear in regards to XFF. The FAQ addresses moving forward for dealing with reverse proxy setups. My issue is, I have older logs with file/content access which I can no longer, for obvious reasons, am unable to add the original source or XFF.

So I need to know if using enable tracker_always_new_visitor = 1 is safe for this purpose. Or perhaps there is another hidden or undocumented item where the log files have the reverse proxy address from 2 years past to get the content access imported into Piwik.