Import data from google analytics

(joachim109) #1

i have heard about a google analytics API.

Could a piwik plugin ask for GA username and password and then ask the API and then import data from a certain period of time to piwik database, so that you could find back your old stats in piwik ?

I think that would be a great feature…

I’m sorry not to have the time to develop it, and also i never used GA API and i’m new to piwik, so that would be difficult for me.

thanks anyway for that great tool, it’s very usefull !

(dohtor) #2

You can try to create a ticket.

(goldenpaper<br />) #3

This should be a great feature, just for doing backups of analytics stats.

(tompiwik) #4

I’m a new to piwik,What’s GA API use for?

(Ppok77) #5

Hi,this link below contains all of the available methods that you can use to customize data configuration for Google Analytics reporting.

(Matthieu Aubry) #6

[size=x-large]This is now available in Piwik !!![/size]