Implementing dedicated piwik server


Hey all, I’m wondering what would be the simplest way of implementing a dedicated server.

I have a site I plan to launch soon, and I have a backend server where I’ll be hosting the piwik data. The internal server is not accessible outside the network. What I’d like to do is queue up data from the public site, and then send it to my internal piwik install.

What I’d like to do is use the PHP api rather than js tracking. Would it be best to just duplicate my piwik install on both machines, and then transfer the data from the one mysql database to the other as needed via cron? Is there a better way?

I was also looking into writing my own queue system and then a custom piwik plugin to pull my custom queue from the public server, but that seems like it might be pretty complex to duplicate the piwik api just for a custom queue system that might already be done.

I did look at ticket:

But it looks like it’s not done? I dunno where to go to implement it anyway. Any of you guys got good ideas?


If your public site is being hosted from within your network, it should still have access to your backend server. It would only be a problem if you are hosting that site elsewhere (which doesn’t become clear in your post per se).
If you just duplicate the Piwik installations… Well, I suppose you want it to run on your backend server due to security measures - thus a 1:1 duplicate would negate any reason you have to host it internal only.
That ticket, well, if it would’be done already you could just make use of the Bulkloader - yet you would still need to have a second Piwik installation (though your DB could be internal only then, which would cause problems during the installation, as you cannot access it).

A queue would probably best, but that’s just my opinion (:

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