Image tracking parameters

(afishler) #1

Hi All,

I have checked documentation on the image tracking possibility. I have not seen any docs on the exact list of query string parameters available and their formats.

I have seen the PHP class that is used to generate such HTTP calls but as PHP is not natural for me I would rather see a clear list of options available for the HTTP image tracker…not via an indirect PHP class.

Is there something available on this?

(Matthieu Aubry) #2

There is currently no documentation about the parameters, but you can find them in the PiwikTracker PHP file:…racker.php#L319


Hi, i have a problem, I am using the defult image tracking code on a HTML5 (webkit) mobile website, which is almost working but it shows nothing about the page information, only collecting date & time data, no page name etc.

can you give me an example of an image tracking code that will also collect page information on a HTML5 page, (if the code is also ready ment to do this by defult, can you show me a code that will force this info to be collected)??

I dont know how to workout adding custom parameters, show please show examples, so i can copy it.
thanks for any help you can give me.




I cant be the only person with this issue, I have this problem on two different sites