Image search tracking broken?


I’ve updated my Piwik installation to version 1.2.1 (from 1.1.x) a few days ago. After that I’ve recognized that visitors coming from the Google Image Search are no longer tracked by Piwik.

Is this a general issue or just a problem in my case?

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I’m having a similar problem with my site as well. any help is appreciated

There is a known bug, but with Bing image, not google image (Bing Images Search URL is wrong · Issue #2223 · matomo-org/matomo · GitHub )

GIMages is working on the demo apparently: Sign in - Matomo

but maybe you have different URLs format. So please post the URLs that don’t work (that you can grab from your piwik_log_visit table, look at the referer URL field in there that is not recognized as google images)


Google’s image preview consists of two parts:

  1. displays the image in a div (direct linking); we can’t track this unless you use a server-side proxy to track image requests

  2. loads the original web page into an iframe; we should be tracking this, so you should be able to test this and see if there are any problems; the only problem that I can think of is third-party JavaScript content on your page that doesn’t like being framed

Thank you for the response.

The visitors weren’t tracked at all. So it’s not possible to look at the referer URL.

The tracking worked perfectly until Saturday where I’ve did the Piwik update. Meanwhile I made no changes to my site, so I think there is no complication with third-party JavaScript components.

I’ve also checked the Google webmaster tools to be sure that there are really visitors from the image search and they’re still there.

I’m going to do some research at the weekend and hopefully find the issue. When I’m successful I give a notice.

I’ve got it. The Piwik request raises a 414 (Request URI too long) error. I don’t understand why the string size or server limit could be changed, but I contact my hoster to set a higher limit. The string is also just 1400 characters long. I think that’s not that big.

webguerilla thx for the report, see the related bug: Installation: GET request length tests (check long URLs work) · Issue #2228 · matomo-org/matomo · GitHub