IIS - You are not authorized to view this page

(Olivia) #1

Hello everybody,

I’ve downloaded Piwik. Php and MySQL are already installed on my WebServer (based on IIS). I copied the “Piwik” folder as a subfolder of my website. So, I browsed the folder from Internet Explorer and got a Login Windows. After writing down an Admin user with its current password, this message appears:

  • You are not authorized to view this page

I’ve seup permissions to that user to the website root folder but I still get the same message. Can anybody help me with this? Also, Is there something else I must do in order to setup Piwik under IIS?

Thanks in advance.

(vipsoft) #2

You have to set the ACLs.

We’ll make this easier for IIS users when we implement #642 and submit Piwik to Microsoft’s Web Application Gallery.