IIS Logs import in Cloud version?

Which versions of Piwik is the import IIS logs functionality available in ? - Piwik cloud service, download (own hosting) or other hosted service? or All versions?

It is available as Piwik core feature, so it should be available in all versions.

OK, I have setup a 30 day trial of Piwik cloud but I cannot see anywhere to import historical log files - any ideas?

Hi there, contact their support. you can run the log analytics script locally to import data in your remote piwik server.

Yes, I contacted them and they pointed me to the import utility:

So for importing to cloud service the command line would be something like:

python import_logs.py --url=your_Piwik_URL --login=your_login_ID --token-auth=your_Token_ID your_Logs_Path/your_Log_file.log

Token ID can be obtained from online: Personal settings, Platform, API, User Authentication (&Token_Auth).