Ignoring visits to a certain domain


I’m trying to find a way of ignoring visit(or) data for a specific domain that I cannot avoid tracking.

So, basically I have a niche CMS that I’m tracking with Piwik. The CMS hosts content for a couple of domains, one of which (two sub-domains of the same domain) I don’t want to track.

I’ve added the Piwik tracking code to the template and pages for the domains I do want to track, but I also need to track on-site searches. The only way I can do this is to add the tracking code to the CMS’s search result page - but the problem is this then tracks searches performed on the unwanted domain as well.

Is there a way I can filter my Piwik results to not show the unwanted domain? If Piwik isn’t able to do this then would a script that simply dropped the unwanted data from the SQL DB cause Piwik any problems (ie, how badly will it break overall visit/hit calculations, how well would Piwik deal with missing entries in the log_visit table?)

I would appreciate any help with this!