Ignoring IP not working

Hello there,

I was trying to add some IP that should be ignored, but actually…I don’t see any effects. I’m not even using any placeholders.

Do I miss some other thing I have to set up, too?

The goal is to ignore page-analytics like gtmetrix and stuff.

Thanks for your help!

Are you using JavaScript tracking or Log-Analytics?
And did you add the IP to globally ignore IP adresses or to the list of site specific IPs?

Hi there,

I’m using Java-tracking and added the IP to the global list.

I’m still looking for some help on this one (:

I really want to get rid of this “guy” :frowning:


Maybe that’s a stupid idea, but it’s the only thing I can think of:

Are you excluding Because the IP has been anonymized, so this isn’t the IP of the visitor.

You could try excluding 138.201.*.* or find out the real IP.