Ignore cookie not working with chrome but with other browsers

I set up the ignore cookie for firefox 8, ie 9 and chrome 15, each.
For firefox and ie it works fine, I’m not tracked. But for some reason it doesn’t work with chrome, even though it says “(the Piwik ignore cookie was found in your browser)”.
I tried to delete and reinstall the cookie, but that didn’t solve the problem…

May be someone has an idea or solution to that?

Thanks a lot!

Can you pelase try with a different chrome browser and check if it’s working using Visitor log ?

I deleted google-chrome and installed chromium 17.

It looks like it has something to do with google brandind on chrome browser…

thank you for your hint! And thanks to all developers and helpers for Piwik: I love it!

Problem solved.

I was enjoying too soon…

Piwik still counts me when using Chromium/Chrome, despite the set cookie…

Any suggestions?

Same problem with Chromium version 55.0.2883.75 Built on 8.6, running on Debian 8.7 (64-bit).
Piwik version is 3.0.1