Ignore cookie not maintained in Firefox

Hi all,

I have noticed a few times now, launching or restarting Firefox, that the settings page reads “your visits are not ignored by Piwik”.

Having my own visits ignored are a hit or miss thing, to the point that before visiting my website with Firefox, I always go to the Piwik settings page to make sure that my visits are being ignored.

Of course, the first thing I did was to install the cookie in Opera, Firefox, Chromium and IE. In all browsers but FF, that original cookie I’ve installed at the very beginning of using Piwik is still in the browser and still working as expected.

I’ve also tested the hypothesis, found somewhere on the forums, that XYZ.com and www.XYZ.com are not the same domain and that the domain should be consistent with the domain in the JavaScript tracking code. To no avail.

I have also displayed the cookie to check whether the expiration date was far enough in the future and it turned out that it was indeed – the expiration date was some time in 2014.

Has anyone else ever encountered this issue? Did you solve it?

Any hints as to plausible causes will also be welcome.

Maybe you delete the cookies on exit or you use an extension that deletes cookies?