If superadmin, show visitor log/profile

I want to show the visitor log/profile only to superadmins - it should be inaccessible to others, so I have changed the disable_visitor_log setting to 0.
I think the best way is to write a plugin. I figured out how to check if I’m superadmin.

I think I need to either:

Any suggestions how to do this without modifying Matomo’s code?

namespace Piwik\Plugins\ConditionallyShowVisitorLog;

use Piwik\Access;

class ConditionallyShowVisitorLog extends \Piwik\Plugin {

    public function postLoad() {
        if (Access::getInstance()->hasSuperUserAccess()) {
            error_log(__FILE__ . '::You are Super admin!');
            //Enable the visitor log/profile for this users session.