If Plugin X is disabled, does that mean that X statistic is no longer being tracked/stored whatsoever?

We’re looking to implement a Matomo instance but are highly privacy-minded.

We want to make sure that if we disable certain plugins, that means that it’s not just a front-end thing and that that respective statistic is no longer being tracked or stored in any regard.

That would depend on the statistic and the plug-in, would it not? Some plug-ins generate plug-in specific statistics that are not available to users who have not installed the plug-in.

Other plug-ins surely use statistics that are available to all users.


Also will the disabling of plugins not change the (already) tracked raw data.

So to answer your question it would be best to know which plugins you would like to disable.

As an example, if we disable to geo-location or referrer core plugins. Does that simply turn off viewing of that data on the frontend (Matomo dashboard) or does it stop tracking in the database as well?


In theory no new data should be recorded any more and the reports are not created.

But with disabling core plugins it is possible that something depends on them as no one has tested every combination of enabled plugins.

So the best way to find it out is testing it and reporting back.