IE6 is no longer tracked?

I am running multiple websites for different organisations and private persons.

After upgrading to Piwik 1.1.1 I’ve been wondering why none of my visitors uses Internet Explorer 6 anymore.

In fact, If I visit any of my websites with IE6, Piwik doesn’t track.

No visitor shows up. Instead, IE6 is reporting an error, which unfortunately doesn’t tell too much:

Line:      14
Character: 822
Error:     The object does not support this property or method.
Code:      0

Of course, noone should bother too much with IE6, but there are still scenarios where there is no option yet, especially in business environments. Also, I’d like to know when a visitor uses IE6 - and how many of them.

There’s a fix in trunk. (original, commented js/piwik.js) (minified piwik.js)

Thank you very much!
This one works fine.

Do you mean
[] (original, commented js/piwik.js) instead of piwik/is/piwik.js file.

I change it,but still can not work

Take a look at your Piwik root folder. There’s a file called piwik.js in it.
Just take one of the files mentioned above and replace your local piwik.js with it - in Piwik’s root folder not js/piwik.js

Thanks vipsoft and MuX512, it can work now,That’s so amazing.

I am Agree with you. The many users of Internet Explorer 6 takes a beating in recent years. Many websites say IE6 users have a ridiculously old browser that prevents them from enjoying all the interesting features of the major website.IE is getting really old and is much less efficient in terms of Java-script and DOM manipulation, IE6 is so bad which makes it almost impossible for web developers to offer the same level of service to get users of other browsers.

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IE6 is a ridiculously old browser.

The only reason why it still is so widely used today is because of business users and because of those private persons which never have heard of “Microsoft Update”. The last group is unimportant, no developer needs to support lazy people. For private persons on their own PC there is no need to stay with IE6.

As for business environments, the support cycle of Windows 2000 has ended just a few months ago. There are still many systems using Win2k and IE6 in many companies. IE6 also used to be the default Browser, that came preinstalled wit WinXP. There are even more systems running XP and IE6. If a company uses special software (e.g. products by SAP), it is quite possible that this software also offers a browser-based webinterface that requires IE6. Replacing computer systems and operating systems in those environments is costly and will never be done, just because there is something new on the market. Also, security regulations mostly prevent users from installing other browsers.

IE6 will become obsolete, numbers are decreasing rapidly. But I bet that will be a process which will still last a few years.

There’s a local hospital that still uses nt4 virtual machines for many of its staff and publicly available pcs. These run ie6. (nt4 has a very small footprint compared to later versions of windows)

btw for the upcoming 1.2 release, piwik.js was tested on ie5.5, ie6, ie7, ie8, and ie9 rc.

4 month later we have piwik 1.4 and again no internet explorer at all is tracked with it. Personally I do not like IE, but for my business it would be quite important that piwik shows them to me! :slight_smile:

Make sure you’re using the new piwik.js and have cleared your browser cache.

[quote=“Harri Christian”]
Personally I do not like IE[/quote]

Why do people always have to say that? As if it would change anything if IE was your favourite browser.

4 months later we have Piwik 1.4 and since Anthon has posted the corrected piwik.js, everything really works fine. In fact, I consider Piwik 1.4 one of the mjor improvements (and therefore one of the major achievements of the developers) since the Piwik project started.
What most people (including me, if you look at some of my older posts) forget, is to carefully read and understand the update notes that come along with every new version of Piwik. It’s not just cliking two hyperlinks and then wait until Piwik says something like “Update successful”.

Especially if you use Piwik in a business environment carefully reading the update instructions is the most crucial part involved in an update. Most of the time an update also involves “clearing the browser cache”.

Just as a recommendation: You should clear the cache of every browser you use to access the Piwik backend after the update has finished successfully. If clearing the browser cache might cause trouble with other websites you regularly access, just use another browser to access Piwik. I for example use Firefox as my everyday browser, but Chrome for things like Piwik, Nagios monitoring, database administration etc.

Hey there and thanks for your commitment!

[b]Hmmmm, it doesnt work:[/b] I copied the file ( into the piwik rootdirectory, I cleared the browser cache. To make sure to have a clean cache I even used anothers brand browser to access piwik statistics.

Next I used IE 8.0 to access my site … no trace, no tracking!

(Why did I excuse myself for needing the IE tracking? 10 years ago IE that means Microsoft dominated the market for browsers. At that time I and lots of others developed a strong distaste for MS-Software. Not knowing who is programming the piwik software I thought it might be for political reasons, that all the IEs are not showing up in piwik statistics. That`s why I felt like excusing myself for this topic.)


as you can see on the demo IE detection works. Make sure you use latest version

It doesnt work on my site, a few days ago I started with piwik 1.3. It didnt work then either. :S


do you see errors in IE? do you see it is wokring on the demo, maybe try the latest RC? (see blog post)

OK, thanks, Matt, I will try a new installation!