Identicons for IP


I have small site (like 15 visitors per average day) but I really like to watch statistics in Piwik. I have done one modification (hard hack - so on upgrade it will be propably overwritten):

I am now using Identicons based on IP adress on Visitor Log instead of IP - it is perfect, because my visitores are returning (some of them are writing to my FB or continue to my other site) and I can follow them and learn their usage easy way.

I think it will be brilliant if I can choose in Settings directly to show identicons as a way of “privacy protection”.

Maybe it will be better to use “visitor Id” - I have seen it somewhere in code…


what do yo mean by identicons ? can you show screenshots and the patch to your code?

My screenshot is in attachment.

I am using this library: PHP Identicons download |

And my only change was in file: /plugins/Live/templates/visitorLog.tpl

				{if $isWidget}<br/>{else}-{/if} {$visitor.columns.serverTimePrettyFirstAction}</strong>
				{if !empty($visitor.columns.visitIp)} <br/><img src="{$visitor.columns.visitIp|md5}" /></span>{/if} ... is my place, where identicon script works. I think many users can enjoy this feature and is easy enough to integrate. Bec you can include that identicon script into Piwik (its GPL).

I think a better way than graphical identicons would be text-based identicons,

see - MAC and IP adress text-identicon as avatar