I want to track a component on multiple sites


I want to use Piwik to track my downloaded components on other sites. I’ve tested it for few days.

Unfortunately, Piwik is based on the url which was set in the sites manager page. Then, the results displayed in Actions / Pages truncates the page’s URLs (http://www.domain.com/ is removed).

In this case, I cant see which site is using my components… Is there any solution to display the actions as the outlinks ?

nobody can help me ?

Can you provide a more detailed example? I don’t get what you are trying to do.

I developed several components and modules for various CMS and included a piwik code for each.

Now, let me know thanks to piwik What sites that use them.

can you please explain exactly what you did, what “code” did you use for each file, and provide a sample of what you used, what you expected, and what you got (with screenshot).
Currently this is not clear.