I need some help?

(E-TARD The LifeCaster) #1

I have been running piwik for a long time
2010 to Dec 25 2013
& on Dec 25 2013 my piwik got fubar & I could not fix it what so ever
I added my full piwik back up MySQL back from Dec 25 2013
would not work the settings f up got saved
so I had to redo my piwik & lost all the data & start over from there on for 2014/now.

the problem with the piwik back in 2013 was something got Fed up in the plugin settings or something & could not fix it piwik was just error 500

What I want to know is there a way to import the analytics data into my 2014 piwik now without Fing anything up???

(E-TARD The LifeCaster) #2

so is anyone going to help me???
this forum kind of sucks when it comes to looking for help.

(Matthieu Aubry) #3

Hi there, you can maybe try to migrate the website data using this plugin: http://plugins.piwik.org/SiteMigration

Otherwise unfortunately there is no easy way to “merge” two Piwik databases together

(E-TARD The LifeCaster) #4

hmm I did not known of this plugin.

so can it take the data from MySQL back .sql file
& import my website e-tard.tv data from 2010-2013 & add it to the e-tard.tv-2014 that running now?