I lost superuser access to matomo 4.7.1 after deleting a site

I deleted one of my first sites (site ID 4), after that, I just receive this message: An unexpected website was found in the request: website id was set to ‘1’ .
But, Site id 1 does not exists, I deleted it long time ago, without a problem.
After deleting Site ID 4 , I started to receive the error, and there is no way to access admin options.
I assigned superuser access to other users, but they receive the same message.
Normal users can access Matomo and see their sites as usual. And Matomo still collecting data.
Is there a way to recreate a deleted site ID manually ? or … is there a way to gain access again to Admin options?

Isn’t it there?

No, after logging in my screen is:

In the URL, try to change directly the idsite from 1 to the good one (most of the time the idsite is visible twice…)