I have no idea that how to login at all?

I installed piwik through Softaculous in my cpanel.

Piwik installed url: http://subdomain.rootdomain.com

Administrative url: rootdomain.com

When I clicked the urls. Both of the pages asked me to login. I tried to login with the username and password that I configured when I intall piwik through softaculous.

But I always get login error that says my username and password don’t match.

I use php 7.

What I need to do? I’am more excited to use piwik and have no idea how to access it?

Now I successfully installed piwik on my shared hosting along with wordpress installation. Installing manually works. So, don’t use softaculous.


I can’t really help with third-party installers because I don’t know if they are modifying Piwik and breaking something.

I’d recommend you to install Piwik the “normal” Way (Installing Piwik - Analytics Platform - Piwik). That way you’ll get to the Piwik Setup Guide that is definitely working correctly.

Thank you Lukas. I will try it manually.