I have a piwik

In the piwik DB witch tables hold the analytic data & no settings just the data?? B)-

I want to know so I can import just that part & not the plugin settings witch is fubar because of me :)o that part of the DB is to a point that I can not fix
so I want import the data into a fresh install of piwik.

See all tables called piwik_log_*

More details in: Database schema: API Reference - Matomo Analytics (formerly Piwik Analytics) - Developer Docs - v3

yeah that did not work
the data is not showing up:S

so more info may be needed

I had piwik running & one day I did something that Fed it up in the plugin part of the DB & ended up with error 500 that I could not fix.
so I did a new install & readded the site I’m tracking & everything is the same, I just want to import the data from the old install :frowning:
its like 3 years of data.

so is anyone going to give me any tips on how to get the data back into piwik??? :S