I do not understand the auto-archiving log output



I set up the auto-archiving-script /misc/cron/archive.sh to be run every hour.

I understand that every report, that includes the day “today” is re-calculated everytime the script is run.

The logging of the archive.sh shows values, I can’t explain to myself.

e.g. if I run archive.sh today (2012-03-02) the archiving period “day” starts with the output:

result date = "2011-12-14">3857</result>

and goes up to today.

Why is the day “2011-12-14” recalculated? It’s long over?

Same goes for the archiving-periods “week” and “month”. The log says, long gone periods have got a result.

By the way: What does it mean, when a result of 3857 is printed in the log?

Regards, Rikky

(Matthieu Aubry) #2

Old days are not recalculated, only “selected” and displayed in the output (but this is very fast)


hi Matt,

thanks for the response.

Is there a semantic difference between a log-output

<result date="2011-03-28 to 2011-04-03" />

and a log-output?

<result date="2011-04-04 to 2011-04-10">9812</result>

For one period there is a result, i.e. 9812 and for the other period there is no result.

Regards, Rikky