I could`t install Piwik anyway

I couldt install Pikwik anyway. Ive got a Debian Linux Server with Apache, Mysql, PHP a.s.o

I think everything`s gonna be allright.

.I downloaded the newest Pikwik from your website.
Like installation doc, i unzipped it and point with my browser to that site.

First i got errors, Pikwik couldn´t make some directories.
I chown and chmod every directories under pikwik with www-data:www-data and 777

SO, EVERY WRITE ACTION SHOULD BE DONE BY SCRIPT … but nothing… it goes wrong, with all rights no directory could be written…
The I make all directories under tmp.

After i do that, every errors are away that are about directories under tmp

But now , i get the following error :
Failed to write cache file
This is written to me at installation page.

The 0 Byte file with rights 600 (why 600, id had to be 777) it was written the following file

So my installation would not be going on with this error.

If i put the right File with all permissions in that directory , everytime i update the installation page he would put the permissions back to 600


Regards Daniel