I Can't Update Automatically!

(fiction) #1

When I try to update Piwik to the newest version, I get the following error:

Error while creating the file: /home/*****/public_html/piwik/tmp/latest/latest.zip

What’s going on here and how do I fix it?

(vipsoft) #2

Piwik can’t create /home//public_html/piwik/tmp/latest/latest.zip because the web server user doesn’t have write access to /home//public_html/piwik/tmp/latest/ or /home/*****/public_html/piwik/tmp/latest/latest.zip already exists but can’t be overwritten.

(fiction) #3

So is that something the server guys need to take care of or is it something I can do myself?

(vipsoft) #4

It depends on the permissions you want/need to set…

(fiction) #5

Dude, instead of these cryptic replies, just tell me what I need to do to get the damn thing working again.

(jstock) #6

The permissions on the /latest/ directory should be 755, that will get the owner Read/Write/Execute. Since this is on a remote hosted server, you would want this directory to be owned by the webuser, or you could set it to 775 but this leaves write access to the group on the web server.


(vipsoft) #7

Dude. I’m not the Amazing Krezkin … I can’t see the permissions/ownership/etc for your system environment, i.e., anything you haven’t told me.

Here’s a stab…

Disclaimer: If your umask is wrong, you may run into this (or similar) problem again in the future.

If php runs under your user id, try: chmod -R u+w tmp

If php runs under a different user id than the owner of the directory, but they’re both members of the same group with the gid of the directory, try: chmod -R g+w tmp

If that doesn’t work, either change the owner using chown, or chmod -R 777 tmp

Otherwise, ask your sysadmin/hosting provider.

And dude, you owe me big time for typing all that from my iPhone.