I am seen as a US visitor, which isn't right, yet in Piwik's demo it's correct

In my own installation Piwik sees me as a US visitor, which isn’t correct I am located in the Czech Republic. Yet the Piwik demo website gives the right information and sees me as a visitor from CZ.

Is it possible that you have an internal ip address that is being picked up as such? Have you tried to view your site from an external IP?

Nope, not internal. IPinfodb dot com and other IP info sites correctly provide the information, that my IP is a Czech IP, yet Piwik thinks otherwise. Strangely enough it even has it identified as a UK ip, so it is not consistent as well.

Did you perform any piwik update? Which version of piwik geoip do you have running?

It’s a brand new Piwik install, downloaded and installed it yesterday.

Please setup Geolocation under Settings > Geolocation.


That did the trick Fabian, thanks! Forgot about these settings.