I am a Super User but piwik does not recognise that


I am trying to add new website, but when I hit ‘Save’ I get an error message saying that I need to be a super user to add websites.

I am a Super user, in fact, I am the only user.

Can any help?

(Matthieu Aubry) #2

Hi there,

Feel free to try again installing with the latest 2.15.0 beta version which includes many fixes and improvements, see: I would like to test early beta and RC releases, how do I enable automatic updates to use these development versions? - Analytics Platform - Matomo

If you still have a problem, please create an issue on our tracker GitHub - matomo-org/piwik: Liberating Web Analytics. Star us on Github? +1. Matomo is the leading open alternative to Google Analytics that gives you full control over your data. Matomo lets you easily collect data from websites, apps & the IoT and visualise this data and extract insights. Privacy is built-in. We love Pull Requests!


Thankyou for the reply. UNforunately, that did not work.

anyone got any other ideas?

(Matthieu Aubry) #4

Do you get same problem in another browser?


Thankyou for the idea.

I was viewing it with firefox and that did not work… I have treid using it with Chrome but chrome times out.

does that give you any information that you can use to help me solve this problem.




I assume you can log in, so the userid and password you’re using are OK.

You can try using some sort of tool to inspect the database table “piwik_user”. The column “superuser_access” should have the value 1 instead of zero.

I use Mysqldumper for this (I like its user interface), and others often use mysqladmin. There are other tools out there – just do a Google search for mysqladmin.

I hope this helps.