Huge Piwik Blob in DB

Hi all,
since 2009-02-16, my Piwik Database grew stronly:
piwik_archive_blob_2009_01 => 80,9MB
piwik_archive_blob_2009_02 => 96,6MB
piwik_archive_numeric_2009_01 => 22,8MB
piwik_archive_numeric_2009_02 => 29,3MB

On 2009-02-16, I got ~100 Visitors (usually 20-30) on a site in Piwik but that size for that amount of user seems too much for me.
Is this a bug or something?

do you often check your stats for “today”? if yes, this creates “temporary archives” that take up space but are out of date the next day, or even 15 seconds later if your timeout is set to 10 seconds (cf time_before_archive_considered_outdated in config/global.ini.php)

If you regularly check your stats for today this would explain why your DB is big, and this will be fixed when is fixed.

If you don’t regularly check your archives we may need to investigate more to know why your tables are so big, because they should be really smaller for only 100 visits per day.