Huge archive blob


I could only find this other topic, but am not sure if it’s relevant:,750

My blobs are generally small in size and number of rows as I receive few visitors (~50/day), but I have this really huge table:

count_archive_blob_2012_01 - 875,200 rows - 391.1 MiB

The other blobs are relatively small - no more than 5MB.

I was wondering - can I delete this blob?

You can delete it and it will be rebuilt when you request stats (make sure you haven’t deleted your logs)

I’m not sure I understand this response. If one deletes the Archive blob, and it will be rebuilt, does that mean the rebuilt version will be much smaller? (Otherwise, why delete?).

I have fairly limited server space, so I want to make sure my mySQL database doesn’t get too large. I can easily delete the Archive blog every month or so if that will really help. Can’t tell for the response, however, if that will make a significant decrease overall in db size.