Huge Alias URL List - How Do


I am not even sure how to begin phrasing this question, as it seems a use case that is super fringe.

Basically, this company’s website ha around 250+ alias domains. Each of these has AT LEAST 6 sub-domains. Meaning the list is upwards of 1,000 alias URLs.

My issue is that if i dont add these to the alias URL list, the referrers report is littered with the subdomains sending traffic to other domains. BUT if i try to add all of the alias URLs to each website it just wont let me. Not to mention im assuming this will slow piwik’s performance significantly.

Honestly, what do? how do? can help?? meeeeeeeh

(Fabian Dellwing) #2

I’m not a profi with that problem, but you might be able to use _paq.push(['setCustomUrl', '<your main url>/<query parameter>']); for this. The drawback is, that the information what alias got used is lost.


Thanks for the reply Fabian

This api is unfortunately only for the page level url, though we do employ this currently in our javascript tracker

(Ronan Chardonneau) #4

Hi there,
I am not sure if I identified properly the issue, could you give us an example of the situation you currently have and an example of something you would like to get at the end?



Not sure on examples, but to clarify what i mentioned in the original post:

One website, 250+ domains pointing to the same website (for reasons).

The referrers report in Matomo will show many of these domains as referrers because it doesnt know that these are just alias URL’s, and a user can be surfing on that might have a static link to or some other weird scenario like that.

Basically they are alias URLs, but there are so many I can not input them into the alias URL settings of the website management.