HTTPS Traffic Not Tracked


First off let me say I love Piwik use it to track a couple sites and everyone loves the interface.

That said, I have been using Piwik to track a site and we recently added an SSL to the site, so now it’s The problem is that since that date, Piwik is not tracking anymore. I know about that you can’t track HTTPS traffic to HTTP sites so I also added a self assigned SSL to the Piwik site. I still cannot track data on my site.

I am aware of the meta tag, <meta name=“referrer” content=“always”, which allows refering data to be tracked from SSL to non ssl sites however, Piwik is an SSL site and its not just refering data that we are missing.

The server is an Ubuntu LAMP and the site is using Joomla CMS.

Any help would be appreciated.

(Matthieu Aubry) #2

Hi there, see: Does the Piwik Tracking tag work on https (SSL) pages? - Analytics Platform - Matomo


Thanks Matt, but I have already gone down that path.

I did however solve my problem by removing the self-assigned SSL and purchasing an SSL.


Can you please help me out on this issue? SSL visits not tracked at all and each and every one of the official troubleshooting guide passed successfully on my end. I do not have a self-assigned SSL. Mine is from StartSSL and SSL server tests are all successfull. No chain issues.


I looked at your site, and everything should work alright. The piwik responds with 204, and that should imply that Piwik has accepted the data.

See if you have data from a Mac with IP 2a02:fe0:c211:2ab0:a5ac:416f:8871:ba37 or

(I don´t have any do not track or other blockers installed)