Https tracking on piwik and upgrade issues

hi team,
My sites, JIRA and Confluence have been recently changed to https. After which it does not track the details. Interestingly out of 5 JIRA instances, 2 instances are showing up data and 3 instances are no (all zero) Tracking code is set all ok. I dont use cronjob(previously I used to) but changed to auto trigger to see if that makes difference. But it does not.

Any advice on why sites are not showing up data ?

Earlier, I used cronjob and run the file, for Confluence site the month of March gives me incorrect data. Just 34 visits. This is definitely wrong. Our company is 20k users and confluence is centralized KB tool.

I can see the archive results as



Not sure why less results. The service was running OK on the month of March. Anywhere this could be corrected?

please advice

Does piwiki also need to be upgraded to https?

Hi Matt,
Any advice here ?

See: How do I force Piwik to use SSL (https) for improved security? - Analytics Platform - Matomo

@matthieu force_ssl won’t really solve the issue.

@ramachvi IMO it doesn’t work because of browsers security policy. You can only load https resources (e.g. Piwik tracker resource) if your site is accessed via https. So the solution here is to configure Piwik to work via secure protocol (ssl). You should now be able to see an error in your browser console while browsing your JIRA or Confluence.

thank you both. Piwik is upgraded to https and i can see data coming in