HTTPS in new Piwik installation

I’ve just installed Piwik and I decided to access Piwik’s admin panel by using HTTPS protocol, to be on a safe side.
The thing is… During the installation, there’s a question whether it’s gonna be an e-commerce site. I said NO.
Is there any connotation in that question to whether or not SSL will be used? 'cos usually e-commerce site operate over SSL
connection. What I did, I added one line in config.ini.php file in its [General] section " force_ssl=1" (without quotes).
In other words… Is it okay to choose a NON e-commerce option during the installation procedure AND to force HTTPS on Piwik’s admin panel?
P.S. Piwik seems to be working fine for now… Why do they even ask that (if the site is e-commerce), what does it change inside Piwik?
P.S.S. I found out that I can switch to e-commerce option AFTER the install. So I’m assuming the core Piwik files and its db are all the same, regardless what you choose during the installation then? It just adds a new section in “Goals”, that’s all?
Strange… Why you can’t just leave it as a default option that does’t need to be played with…?

Ecommerce and SSL are un-related. Learn more here: Does the Piwik Tracking tag work on https (SSL) pages? - Analytics Platform - Matomo

Yeah, I kinda figured that out… But thanks anyway!
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