HTTPS for Piwik - Necessary Now, How to

I set up a Piwik server at an IP and have been using it with my Wordpress sites. I decided to convert some of my WordPress sites to HTTPS. Now I am running into issues with insecure content on my WP sites. Looking at the GTMetrix reports for the HTTPS WP sites, I can see that Get Piwik.js from my server, IP listed in GTMetrix, is aborted.

Is the solution to all this to convert my server installation,, to https? If so, is that possible just using an IP or do I have to convert to a domain name? 2nd, I’ve looked at the FAQ, and I see how to force Piwik to work over HTTP using the config file, but I don’t find anything about how to install an SSL certificate so it works with Piwik. Where can I find instructions on the process?

Yes but you must buy a https:// address by your server providers.

see also free SSL certs @