Https enabled site piwik tracks some browsers

I have SSL on one of my sites now and and piwik only tracks firefox,IE,chrome and safari but it only tracks them half of the time. Before I put ssl cert on the site piwik was track around 500 unique visits each day. Today piwik has only tracked 30 visits. I have SSL on the piwik install what could be causing this? anyones help would be great I really do not want to have to find another tracking system.

Could this be caused by a redirect.


Are you sure that you have install the certificate properly?

I normally check SSL certs with an android phone which is really fusy and highlights any problems.


I tried it windows xp with IE 8 since it complains about every little thing since it does not have to sni support cert are all install correctly. I have even given the 2 sub domains their own dedicated ip’s.


Not sure what I am missing here. It works when I use image tracking perfect but when I use the javascript tracking it only works on 4 different browser and only about half the time.

Problem solved.

After a ton of research I got it fixed. In the end I needed to give piwik its own account with a dedicated ip, what I had done was changed files on the cPanel server so I could give piwik install a dedicated ip for the SSL but it appears this did not work. So I created an account in cpanel as a subdomain account the transferred all of the MySQL files from the old database to the new piwik account changed the tracking script and there you have it we are tracking again. For some reason piwik just wanted its own account with a dedicated ip instead of short cutting i guess you could say.

Great. Every host (virtual or otherwise) with an SSL certficiate / site needs its own IP address.


It was strange I gave it a dedicated ip by using this method from cPanel

However this did not work so I went the other route.