Selecting Year as the timeframe of my most visited site, i now know why the database had an incredible increase in size since i installed a new Piwik with a new DB a few months ago.

All URLs are in double in the database.
In the widget “exit link”, i have both urls that begin by http:// and that dont.
Like this :


Maybe a php script could be run to modify old urls to the new format. And this also need to be done for the file download info.


I wish i knew better the SQL syntax and Piwik tables.
Maybe it’s just the action table but i think even if we remove the http part on all actions that got it, it wont do any good reducing the size of the DB as new visits are now linked to the new action IDs.



Thanks for caring (Ticket #1093).

If next version of Piwik support the cookie for admin and all, maybe this wont be a bug for me anymore as i will surely start a fresh install with a new tracker on every site (i currently only have 8 sites), if i can’t keep the olds ones for any reason.

But, it could be benificial to others, if feasible.

(Matthieu Aubry) #4

can you please post screenshots to the bug ticket? also, do you see the issue on the piwik demo? please post all info in the ticket


I’ll do.
On the demo, adding the download widget and the outlink widget and selecting the whole 2009 year, we can easilly see this.
I’m putting the screenies here but will try to put them in the ticket too.


(vipsoft) #6

In plugins/Actions.php: getActionExplodedNames() no longer includes the protocol with the hostname.

This is part of #708.…date=2009-12-07…date=2009-12-08