Http v https question

With cPanel now giving all accounts a free SSL, I’ve been converting all my clients’ sites to https. I have Piwik on an https domain so getting data isn’t the issue, but, rather, a setup one.

Sites are all Joomla and all have “Force SSL on entire site” activated, so there is no http version available - navigating to http redirects to https. On sites I had on Piwik prior to the free SSL, the URL in Piwik shows http, yet it seems to be receiving data OK - guess due to the http --> https redirect (done automatically within Joomla).

Question: when I enter new sites does it make any difference if I enter www v https v I believe they should all work, but didn’t want to have to go back and change a bunch. I have been using the middle one up to now.


If I understand your setup correctly both should work if HTTP is redirected to HTTPS.

BUT: You really shouldn’t use HTTP to send data to Piwik. Because that means all your users data is sent unencrypted via the internet, just to be rejected and then resent via HTTPS.

So if you switch your sites to HTTPS you should only use HTTPS resources in them.

Thanks for the reply Lukas. Yes all installations have http --> https redirection, but I wanted to be sure that won’t mess stuff up. They all seems to be working, but we all know how pedantically precise computers can be!!

And, yes, I’m changing any that still have http in Piwik to https.

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