How Would You Track This?

Hey all,

I have this page, Best Pre Workout Supplement – I take the users through a “flow chart” of HREF’s that go through NAMEs on the same page.

Now that it’s getting traffic, I’d like to track what users are doing here.

I honestly still don’t have any clue how to best use custom variables, and would still love more dynamic goal tracking and event tracking like Google Analytics.

But since I don’t, what’s a good layout for using javascript to track the clicks within this page?

Further, how do I track users’ paths after they’re on this site? I don’t know how to see what pages they end up on. There’s no "funnel’ it doesn’t seem.


Nothing? I’m going to explore tracking custom pageviews, but this is going to throw off all of my web stats.

You guys need EVENT TRACKING like G Analytics!! This is still too inflexible of a setup, even with new custom variables, which I have found to be useless for my purposes.

If you look at the code under the first question, I’ve tried doing some custom pageviews… and it’s simply not working. Any ideas?

<a href="#stims" onclick="piwikTracker.trackPageView(best-pre-workout-supplement#StimsYes);">Stimulants</a>

I’ve tried all sorts of combinations in there. Using the full URL, putting it in quotes, etc. Nothing shows up.