How Would You Track This?

(Berto) #1

Hey all,

I have this page, Best Pre Workout Supplement – I take the users through a “flow chart” of HREF’s that go through NAMEs on the same page.

Now that it’s getting traffic, I’d like to track what users are doing here.

I honestly still don’t have any clue how to best use custom variables, and would still love more dynamic goal tracking and event tracking like Google Analytics.

But since I don’t, what’s a good layout for using javascript to track the clicks within this page?

Further, how do I track users’ paths after they’re on this site? I don’t know how to see what pages they end up on. There’s no "funnel’ it doesn’t seem.


(Berto) #2

Nothing? I’m going to explore tracking custom pageviews, but this is going to throw off all of my web stats.

You guys need EVENT TRACKING like G Analytics!! This is still too inflexible of a setup, even with new custom variables, which I have found to be useless for my purposes.

(Berto) #3

If you look at the code under the first question, I’ve tried doing some custom pageviews… and it’s simply not working. Any ideas?

<a href="#stims" onclick="piwikTracker.trackPageView(best-pre-workout-supplement#StimsYes);">Stimulants</a>

I’ve tried all sorts of combinations in there. Using the full URL, putting it in quotes, etc. Nothing shows up.