How to view a list of most recent referrers?

Is it possible to get a report of the most recent referrers, listed one at a time? For example, Mint offers this as a “most recent” tab in its Referrers report:

I have found Piwik’s “All Referrers” report, but it always shows totals for each referrer. Can I somehow get a list of individual referrers, each on its own line, in chronological order?

i dont see any like way of reproducing that report it would require a measure of hourly and by the minute. Can i ask what insight are you trying to gain by this by the minute report? are you managing content by lets say every 5 to 10 mins? i am trying to see if there is another way of looking at available data that can help.

Thanks for your reply! There is not any one specific insight. I guess I am generally interested in the recent referrers that may have low numbers. I am not managing content on a minute-by-minute basis; I am just curious and would like to make occasional checks to see “hmm, who is referring to me right now?”

The default referrers report is most useful for viewing items by # of referrals — either those driving the most traffic or the least. But I find it helpful to see when, for example, someone has linked to me site from a blog post, and perhaps it’s not a high-traffic blog, but it is an indication that my content is appealing to a new kind of audience.

Does that help? Thanks in advance for any ideas!

ok i see. the real time visitors report will give you that to adegree but id high volume you will be swamped. have you looked at the website referrer report? shows domain where peple come from then you could see a new trend quickly…

it’s not yet possible to get the “new referrers” directly. We may implement it in the future, or this could be done by a plugin. Cheers

Thank you both! Will keep my fingers crossed for a plug-in or new feature down the line.