How to use the logViewer?

This could be a potentially silly question about the logViewer at

How do i use it? I had copied it into the plugins directory (called it logViewer) (doesn’t show up under plugins on the settings/platform/system/plugins on the UI)

Tried accessing /<>/plugins/logViewer/Menu.php but get an error

How do I use this plugin?


Installing a plugin in Matomo generally involves a few steps, and it appears you’ve done part of it by copying the plugin into the plugins directory. However, the plugin must also be activated in the Matomo interface to be usable. The steps are as follows:

  • Upload the Plugin: Download the plugin and copy it to the plugins directory of your Matomo installation. Or you can download it from the marketplace

  • Activate the Plugin: Log in to your Matomo dashboard, go to the settings, then navigate to “systems” and the Plugins page. You should see your new plugin in the list of inactive plugins. Click ‘activate’ next to the ‘LogViewer’ plugin.

  • Config it: You need to config the plugin:

  • Open LogView: Go to Settings → Log Viewer

Hi @TomCz

Yes, i understand the process, thank you.

I just don’t see it in settings/plugins where all the other plugins are listed :frowning:



It works now… the directory was named “logViewer” . I changed it to “Logviewer” and then activated it… then it works

BTW, it is better to install the log viewer plugin from settings->logviewer, install and enable

Downloading it and extracting it gives some headaches