How to update plugins in PIWIK 3

I am not able to find a way to update plugins. How does that work in Piwik3? Thanks

It works the same as in Piwik 2. When there are new plugins to update they will show up in the Admin > Plugins page, and you can update them in one click

Ah, now I see it. I was confused because I received an email saying there would be 3 plugin updates but they did not show up anywahere but today there was an update for a different plugin and that worked as expected. Thanks!

Now, is there also a way to do that from the command line? I mean when you’re hosting a number of instances, you don’t want to login on each of them and click on that link manually.

May I ask again? I wonder how to update plugins without going to click on every single platform that I host. Is there really no way of doing that?

Also, in a safe production environment, the web server user should not have write permission in the directory of the plugins. If your web server is setup that way, you couldn’t even use the click option, even if you were to go through the hassle to do all that manually.

Is this the wrong place to ask questions like this? Could someone point me in the direction where to get this addressed?