How to update from Piwik 1.12 to 2.x?


is there an guide for the update-process ?
I dont have an “update”-Button as usual (e.g. 1.11 to 1.12)…

(Matthieu Aubry) #2

Check your server is running at least PHP 5.3.2 and try again.


I’ve come looking for help on this exact problem

My PHP version is 5.4.23
I’m on Piwik 1.12 and I’m trying to update to 2.x

The message (in cPanel) I get is

Notice: This version is a higher risk upgrade. Significant new features and changes introduced.
! The selected version, or a version between it and the installed version, does not support upgrading. Check the application’s website to see if a “migration” tool is available.

And the update fails. I can’t find any mention of a migration tool on your site so I’m stuck :frowning:


Dont worry, I found the auto-update button feature in Piwik, this worked. (after a scary while where it appeared as though it had failed and destroyed the database. Thankfully all is well!)