How to track user activities based on a campaign?


I’m trying to find out, what users are actually doing on a Website that are coming there from a campaign.

Assume using Google AdWords or anything else; the links that users click there are prepared with Piwik campaign tracking parameters. So when a user comes to the Website using one of these links, the campaign will be tracked as the source of this visit. So I can see how many visitors come the Website from this campaign.

Now what interests me is how active these vistors are. In other words, do they only come to the landing page and then leave or to they navigate further on the Website? This is important to measure the quality of traffic that is coming from a campaign. If you get thousands of hits from an AdWords campaign but all visitors do not further interact with the Website, then the campaign is not very efficient.

Does anyone have an idea how I can find out how many pages on the Website are visited by visitors that come from a specific campaign?

Thanks a lot for your help!



Actually I found an answer: Create a segment for the visitors in question (from the campaign) and then use Visitors / Engagement to find out how the visitors are using the Website.

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