How to track same kind of pages

Hi all,
I need to track visitors from{id}/members which {id} has a lot of different values. That means, I want to know how many people access the “group member” page overall rather than the member page of specific group.
Is there any good way in Piwik to do that? Thanks.

Hi here you can use a pages report with filtering. You just filter up to the particular group.

if for example{id1}/member{id2}/member{id3}/member

Here are your resultsyou want only id2 then in the filter enter{id2}

or if its unique


etc for each segment you want.

good luck

Maybe what I posted is not very clearly.
I want to know how many people visit the group member page no matter which group they access, that is, I want to see the stats of group/{id1}/member, group/{id2}/member, group/{id3}/member as a whole “group member” page.
In Action->Pages dashboard, I can see page views as URL tree structure which split these member pages into individual group and it’s not I want.
How to approach that? Thanks!

On the COG icon below the List of pages, click “Show Flat Report” and the report will show all URLs flat and not in the tree structure. is that OK ?