How to track interactions in my cSharp desktop app?

hi all,

I have a small ui framework and want to funnel my tracking data to matomo. I had a look at the API but the guide is a bit confusing, since all texts talk about tracking a website, and I have a standard cSharp build app for windows.

which HTTP get request shall I send in order to track something?

To track an event in Matomo using the Matomo Tracking API, you can send an HTTP GET request to the Matomo Tracking API endpoint with the required parameters. The tracking API endpoint is usually located at the root of your Matomo installation, and the default URL for the API endpoint is:

/ php

To track an event, you need to send an HTTP GET request to this URL, along with the appropriate tracking parameters as query string parameters.

Here’s an example of a basic tracking request that tracks a page view with the URL “”:

The above request includes the following query string parameters:

  • idsite: The ID of the website you want to track. This can be found in the Matomo dashboard under “Websites & Apps”.
  • rec: Set to 1 to indicate that this is a tracking request.
  • url: The URL of the page you want to track. This should be URL encoded.

You can also include additional parameters to track specific information about the event, such as the title of the page, the user’s IP address, and custom dimensions. The full list of available parameters can be found in the Matomo Tracking API documentation.

Note that Matomo also supports tracking via POST requests, which can be more secure and allow for larger payloads. However, for simple tracking requests like the one above, a GET request should suffice.