How to store values to a table with extended columns

Hi everyone!

I’m new user in piwik forum, but not new as reader neither piwik user.

Some weeks ago, I updated to piwik 3 and I got an issue. I geolocate my users with IP2Location database. With the update I had to reinstall IP2Location plugin and to move the database file to ‘misc’ folder. Before, in version 2.X.X, I was able to store in log_visit table extra information that IP2Location database offers like ISP, Domain, Usage Type…
When I updated I tried to store that extra information in table, but I have not been able.

I have tried to solve by myself but I could not get. I would like to receive support from someone that could help me to store extra information to the extended columns in log_visit table.

Thanks in advance to everyone!