How to: several php-fpm backends



I am trying to setup piwik to N php-fpm backends, so maybe someone can notify me about potential problems related to it.

For now I see several problems:

  1. Session (I can switch to memcache session storage, it does not seem to be a great challenge).
  2. What about Piwik\CacheFile? How to tune piwik system to work with memcached instead of files?

Did I miss something?

P.S. As long as I don’t have DB overloading, I don’t thing about DB clusteting (I’m not sure it’s possible with mysql server). But I really need more than one php backend.


Also I forgot to mention config/global.ini.php :S

(Matthieu Aubry) #3
  1. use DB sessions (see FAQ)

  2. this should be OK since this cache is read-only


not really sur if this is the correct answer but:
i am using on system sessions.
in php-fpm pool config add the line

php_admin_value[session.save_path] = "/your desired folder"

make sure the php-fpm user can write in that folder, in my case: (/home/piwik/var/_sessions) and restart your php.

NOTE: there are a lot of not or badly docummented options for php-fpm (for example the ondemand process manager included in php5.3)