HOw to set/view the purchase revenue when i can see the ecommerce refenue

We have set up the ecommerce tracking using the following.

// Order Array - Parameters should be generated dynamically
    "1234567", // (Required) orderId
    10.99, // (Required) grandTotal (revenue)

All is workigmn as we can see the values over a week have started to come in.

But when we go to the goals section and look on the Purchase side menu item, we get a report on the Channel Type we can see figures, but then the ‘Purchase Revenue’ is set to zero, where as ‘Revenue per visit’ shows a value and when we also view the ecommerce Tab and the Sales sub menu item we can see ‘Total Revenue’ with figures in them.

Am i missing something and or do I need to do some more steps to get the ‘Purchase Revenue’ column to start to also show figures?

Thanks in advance.