How to set things up


Hi - I’ve just installed Piwik, and I’m trying to think how best to set things up. I don’t wish to track the parent domain - but I do need to track the sub-folders within it.

Each sub-folder has a series fo pages. I need to treat each folder like a unique website.

I’ve attached a .png which illustrates the structure. My initial thoughts are, that I need to create a unique tracking code for each folder - and assign this tracking code to the pages which belong to that folder.

Is that right?


(Matthieu Aubry) #2

Yes correc


Best course of action would be:
Settings -> Websites
Set a new website for each sub-folder-URI. You can easily generate your unique tracking-footer due to “View Tracking-code”. For most probably the very most objective way to set it up, but as you stated that you just began using it, it can’t hurt to write it down (:

So long,

Edit: Make sure that the Tracking-Codes are only within the pages of their specific sub-folders, otherwise you have missed the goal and more than you want is tracked :wink: