How to replace AdminNotification plugin?

Hi everybody,

When I was in Piwik 2.16.1, I used the AdminNotification plugin to alert my users.
Now, I am in 3.0.4, and this plugin does not work anymore! I cannot alert them.
How do I replace it?
I had the idea to create a simple widget or to add a new page, but when I read the f****g manual :), it starts with the command ./console generate: widget or generate controller, but it seems that this command ‘generate’ does not exist anymore
Is there anybody have an idea of a mean, to alert users, with a simple message, easy to add ? New page ? New Widget ? existing Plugin compatible with 3.0.4 ? How to do ? How do you do to communicate with your piwik users ?
Thanks for your help


the easiest solution is waiting a few days.
The AdminNotification plugin seems to have got an update which adds Piwik 3.x compatibility:

To answer your other question: I think you need to enable development mode if you want to use the advanced console features:

./console development:enable