How to remove text from Dashboard

(R.Bucky) #1

I have successfully installed Piwik. However, I host over a half dozen sites and want to monitor them. However, When I add more than 2 sites, the hover over links on my Dashboard to see my sites are not clickable because they overlap the text “Piwik 0.4.1 is a collaborative project. If you like Piwik, you can help! Check out How to contribute to Piwik?”

Where is the template or file for this text so that I can remove it.

Mark - domain index

(vipsoft) #2

Please re-enable the LanguagesManager plugin or upgrade to 0.4.2.

(R.Bucky) #3

I had already upgraded to 4.2, which did not fix the problem for me. However, Activating the Language Pack worked. Thank you.

(vipsoft) #4

Sounds like you also deactivated the SitesManager plugin. One or the other must be active for the drop downs to work properly.